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West Texas Rattlesnake Show
"Show Specifications"

Show Area:
15'x15' minimum  ---  no maximum.
The Rattlesnake show is performed in an eleven foot specially designed octagon glass enclosure. Around the enclosure we prefer to keep a three to four foot buffer zone, which creates a better (unobstructed) viewing area for your spectators.

Rattlesnakes can not be in direct sun light for very long, so it is best if the show is performed in a building, under a canopy or in a tent.  Wherever it is performed you can be assured it will be a hit, thrilling and amazing your fair or festival goers.  Whether they be toddlers, parents or grandparents the audience will leave the show with fond memories that they too can pass along for generations to come, just like the stories and memories my Grandfather passed on to me about seeing 'Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show'

The only thing you have to supply is electricity for our sound system and a show location.  The West Texas Rattlesnake Show is completely self-contained, meaning that we supply all of the equipment necessary to perform the show, which includes our specially designed glass enclosure, all of the equipment necessary to safely handle the snakes and perform the show, and our own professional sound equipment including microphones, speakers and amplifier.